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Septic System Repair

We can Diagnose and Remedy All Septic System Malfunctions.

We pride ourselves on being able to diagnose and remedy all septic system malfunctions in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Thanks to our years of experience paired with our state-of-the-art diagnostics equipment, we are typically able to diagnose and repair septic systems quicker and more accurately than our competitors. While provincial regulations prevent us from replacing and/or adding elements to existing systems without filing a new design with local Health Authorities, we always strive to ensure that your system meets the standard of the day it was installed.

We Follow a Proven Process for All Repairs.


Pump Out




One: Troubleshooting

The first step in our repairs process is always performing a phone consultation with our customers to see if we can troubleshoot the problem over the phone. During the phone call, we will gather as much information as possible so that we can get a sense for the problem and any potential solutions.

pump out

Two: Pump Out

In some cases, a pumper truck may be required to remove excess effluent or sewage before we can start diagnosing the problem further. If a pumper truck is required and you do not have a pumper company already in mind, our dedicated team can help take care of the arrangements for you.


Three: Diagnostics

Once we have access to all the components of your septic system, we will start by performing a number of detailed diagnostics procedures for the pumps, panels, floats, transducer, and other components that might be contributing to the septic system malfunction. We are equipped with some of the highest quality tools and equipment in the industry to provide an accurate diagnosis of the issue. That last thing we ever want to do is fix the wrong problem.


Four: Repairs

Once a diagnosis has been made, our professional team will provide you with an estimate and timeline to complete the repair of your septic system.

During the entire process, we make it our priority to communicate with our customers to ensure they know what to expect. Keeping open lines of communication helps avoid any unwanted surprises and misunderstandings.

What Are The Filing Requirements for My Septic System Repair?

The following repairs are permitted by the province of British Columbia without submitting a new septic system design to the local health authority:

  • Maintenance including cleaning of components and cleaning or replacing of media in treatment units, flushing, vacuuming, or jetting of dispersal laterals or other piping
  • Replacement of liquid level float switch or transducer
  • Replacement of pump with one equivalent to the original
  • Replacement of distribution box (D-Box) or other distribution device
  • Replacement of inlet or outlet baffles
  • Installation or replacement of effluent filters
  • Installation or replacement of high water alarms
  • Replacement of short sections of pipe where broken or damaged
  • Installation of new risers or lids
  • Repair of tank leaks

The following repairs require a new septic system design and filing to be submitted to the local health authority according to the province of British Columbia:

  • Adding infiltrative area to the dispersal field/trench/mound
  • Removing biomat or existing aggregates, soil, sand, and/or chambers
  • Upgrading from trickle gravity distribution to a pump to D-Box configuration
  • Replacing an existing tank (including septic, pump chamber, treatment plant, or flow equalizer)
  • Adding a secondary septic tank, flow equalizing tank, grease interceptor, or treatment plant/device
  • Retrofitting treatment plants
  • Replacing treatment and/or dispersal system
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