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Septic System Locatimg

We can Locate All the Components of Your Onsite Septic System.

Equipped with two separate Hathorn Wi-Fi enabled pipe cameras, capable of scoping pipes as small as 1.5” up to 100’ or a 3” pipe as far as 200’, there’s not much we can’t see. Both reels are equipped with locating sondes in the camera heads. Paired along with flushable sondes, a Ridgid transmitter, and two Ridgid locators, we can locate any component in your septic system.

We Follow a Simple and Straightforward Process.





One: Entry

Our professional team starts by locating a clean out into your plumbing. After locating our entry point, we will use one of our two pipe cameras and our locater to trace the location of the septic tank.


Two: Expose

Once the septic tank has been located, we will expose the tank lids and insert one of the cameras into the outlet pipe of the tank in order to trace the line out to the distribution box or the next tank.


Three: Document

Once the D-Box has been located, we will flag out and document the location of each of the different septic components.

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